Gorbachev To Obama–Apologize And Leave!

Former Russian leader, Mikhail Gorbachev is the only intelligent person on the foreign policy scene. In an interview with a British newspaper, he called upon Prime Minister David Cameron to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan just as he had withdrawn Russian forces from that nation in 1989. He offered a harsh condemnation of American policy in Afghanistan by pointing out throughout the 1980s the US and its CIA funded the same Islamic militants they currently are fighting but then were fighting Russian troops. Gorbachev noted the irony and termed winding up fighting the very same people you funded to fight an “historical and political boomerang.” He went on to comment “the Americans were working in secret with forces with whom they currently are now fighting. They should accept their part of the blame and let them say so. I think God has some mechanism that he uses to punish those who make a mistake.”

The former prime minister also expressed regrets about the policies of Prime Minister Putin who has seriously damaged Russian democracy. “We have institutions, but they don’t work. We have laws, but they are not enforced.”

How about President Obama finally take a shot at speaking the truth. “Former President Bush got us into this mess, and it is time to end it by leaving” would be a good beginning.