Gordon Brown-England, Strongest Ally Of US

Prime Minister Gordon Brown emphasized that Britain was the strongest ally the United States has in the world, but there were indications in his talk that, as a strong ally, England must cease going along with Bush policies that lead only to disaster. He expressed his desire that England and the European Union could work with America on issues such as global warming, an issue that apparently President Bush doesn’t hold in high regard. The prime minister looked toward the future by suggesting the world was entering a new phase and policies had to be developed concerning the needs of 21st century life.

The failure of Tony Blair is that he never acted as a good friend to George Bush. A good friend does not encourage plunging into disastrous policies. A good friend speaks the truth when someone has lost contact with reality. Tony Blair was the worse friend that George Bush had in the world because he went along rather than urging his friend to be reflective. The problem is Bush only seeks friends who nod their heads in agreement because, in his view, loyalty to George Bush is a must for friendship.