Gordon Brown Implores-George Bush Threatens Iran

In the waning days of his presidency, George Bush is not just content with having created chaos and confusion in the Middle East by his blunder in Iraq, but apparently would like to leave a new legacy of disaster in Iran. The European Union offered a new package of economic incentives and cooperation with Iran’s peaceful development of nuclear power, but President Bush, as usual must present the tough cowboy approach of a man from Texas. He thanked Gordon Brown’s leadership which has resulted in an EU announcement of freezing overseas assets of Iran’s main bank if there is failure to respond to peaceful overtures of cooperation. But, Bush had to add that while diplomatic negotiations are “my first choice, The Iranians must understand that all options are on the table, however.” This is a clear threat of military operations against Iran.

The European Union proposal is still being examined by Ali Larijani, Speaker of the Iranian Parliament who promised to “carefully study the package” and Bush has to intrude with threats which are bound to make Iranians hold back to show the world they are not frightened. George Bush simply does not understand there are times when silence is more powerful than words of war.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown was firm with Iran and promised to do all in his power to cooperate but also warned that refusing to make changes would result in further EU sanctions. President Bush apparently has never considered that an incoming president in January of next year should possess the flexibility to engage in diplomatic negotiations with Iran without to deal with the aftermath of an American military strike on that nation.

  • http://straveler-myamerica.blogspot.com/ Saint Michael Traveler

    We did it to Iran before.

    We are revisiting the 1953 joint British-USA attack on Iranian economical institutions. Things have not changed much since. We hurt the Iranian people then; we are going to hurt once more. British were fighting for their exploitation of cheap Iranian resources enriching their lavish life style. We Americans were duped to follow the British lead. President Eisenhower resisted but President Truman followed the British lead.
    Time magazine, Monday September 08, 1941, wrote: Britain worried about possible Russian encroachments on India, and there was much talk about the Bear that Walks Like a Man. To lubricate diplomatic friction, in 1907 an agreement was solemnly signed which defined each country’s sphere of influence in Persia. Britain was to influence in the southeast; Russia in the north. As for the poor Persians, their attitude was aptly summed up in a Punch cartoon of the period. It showed a Persian cat apprehensively sitting between a lion and a bear. “I will pat its head,” says the bear, “and you shall stroke its tail.” Pleads the cat: “But I have not been consulted!”

    The players have not changed, the same colonial powers, a bit different stories.
    We Americans are still paying for our foolish mistake of 1953. Are we going to do it once more?