Gordon Brown–Iraq War, Right Decision

Historically, the British Labor Party believed in the cause of peace, not war. Gordon Brown, appeared before the Chilcot inquiry in order to defend Tony Blair’s 2003 decision to join the Bush fiasco in Iraq. Although, he admitted Saddam Hussein never had an WMD, “I believe this is the gravest decision of all, to make the decision to go to war. I believe we made the right decision for the right reasons.” If no threat of WMD, then why to war was a question posed by the inquiry group. According to Gordon Brown, “we cannot have an international community that works if we have either terrorists who are breaking the rules or, …. aggressor states that refuse to obey the laws of the international community.”

Of course, if Gordon Brown believes what he told the Chilcot group then:

He would urge the United Kingdom to invade Iran.
He would urge an invasion of Sudan to end the horror of Darfur.
He would urge the UN and the UK to send a hundred thousand troops to the Congo to end that horror.
I have a hunch his commitment to ensuring nations obey international resolutions will not lead to any such invasions or wars.