Gordon Brown Laboring In Vain

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has not enjoyed a moment of peace and quiet since he followed the departure of Tony Blair by assuming leadership of the British Labor party. He was initially stained with blame for the war in Iraq as one person after another informed the Chilcot inquiry how Blair and Brown had lied to the people of England since they knew there were no WMD. Even as that news hit the media, an economic collapse left the man who formerly held the leading position in his party as an economic expert holding the bag for loss of jobs and collapse of the housing market. Volcanic ash, rising unemployment, going nowhere in Afghanistan was one sad story after another.

However, Brown made things worse when he inadvertently told the world over an open microphone that an elderly woman who supported his Labor party was a bigot. The final denouement was a lackluster performance in debates against David Cameron and Nick Clegg and the result was a poll that shows Labor in third place. It is not a question for Brown of having a “bad day.” Most probably bad year would be more accurate.

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