Gordon Brown Seeks To Brown Out Green Energy Laws

Prime Minister Gordon Brown who never ceases telling he world of his commitment to alternative energy sources was accused of trying to water down tough new European legislation to boost the uptake of renewable energy. He openly seeks a “green revolution” while working behind the doors to ensure the current oil revolution continues to damage economies. Documents obtained by the British newspaper, the Guardian, show the uK wants to block attempts to give renewable electricity sources such as wind farms priority access to the national grid. The European official who drafted the legislation accused Britain of “obstructing” EU efforts on renewables and said UK officials wanted to protect traditional energy supplies and their coal, gas, and nuclear power stations.

According to documents examined by the Guardian, a key word “shall” was changed to “may” indicating it allowed those in charge not to provide access to renewable energy sources. Unless new sources of energy can readily access the national grid their effectiveness is sharply reduced as a tool in developing alternative energy sources. Th EU document obliges member states to give priority grid access to renewables. Either Prime Minister Gordon Brown never read the legislation or he simply prefers the doctrine of the old and true is the one to follow.

The fight for news sources of energy will constantly encounter resistance from those who currently dominate energy. They will not surrender power to new sources of power.