Gordon Brown Vows No Appeasement Of Taliban

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown vowed the West will never appease the Taliban and assured the people of his nation the tide was turning and the Taliban were on the run. His speech comes at a time when latest figures indicate that over 1,000 UK soldiers were flown home this year either due to being wounded in action, becoming sick or dying. Brown believes that al-Qaeda would return to Afghanistan if the Taliban regain power so there can not be anything other than the complete defeat of the Taliban. In his speech, the prime minister noted that since 2001 nearly 200 people have been convicted of terrorist or terrorist related offences in the United Kingdom. Brown is convinced more has been done this year to destroy al–Qaeda than at any other time.

According to Gordon Brown, al-Qaeda is “the biggest source of threat to our national security.” Assume, he is correct. Can security in the UK be handled by local authorities or must there be the presence of British troops in Afghanistan to ensure that terrorism is ended at home? Sorry, the prime minister has rhetoric but little evidence to support his arguments.