Govenor Tom Corbett-Schmuck Of Week!

After living in a land in which members of the Tea Party have been around for a few years it does take something outrageous to capture my attention. Republican Governor Tom Corbett woke up yesterday with an upset stomach and decided to save American freedom. He has filed a lawsuit to block the issuance of marriage licenses to gay couples. He regards such licenses as lacking in “legitimacy” and compared issuing them as equivalent to allowing children to marry. “had the clerk issued marriage licenses to 12 year-olds in violation of stAte law, would anyone seeriously contend that each 12 year-old is entitled to a hearing on the validity of his license?”

Corbett does have a point. First, we allow these gays and lesbians to marry and then we have to allow a dog owner to get a license to marry his dog. I can just see two babies in a crib reaching out to hold one another’s hands and then scribbling something on a piece of paper that makes them man and woman.

Go for it Tom!