Government And Colleges

The strength of our higher education in this nation is -diversity. It contains outstanding institutions as well as diploma mills and also some solid colleges that offer an intellectually valid education. Diploma mills rip off students and plunge them heavily into debt. There is no question government supervision is required since people are paying money for a fraudulent “education.” There also has been an explosion of college administrators and buildng of cafeterias and gyms and dormitories which only add to the cost of tuition that is charged students. These are all legitimate to be investigated. But, President Obama wants to go one step further and create “college rankings” so that government can vie with the US News & World Report as to which is the best college to attend?

Over the past three decades college cost has risen 250% while family income has risen 16%. The end result is STUDENT DEBT. So, President Obama wants to rank which college is doing the best job. He suggests income of college graduates should be a factor. Colleges which educate teachers compared to colleges which focus on business will produce graduates with differing incomes. A college with an excellent social work program will produce graduates whose incomes do not match those of college with an excellent business program. Obama is comparing apples and oranges.