Governor Bentley Ain’t My Daddy!

The Republican Party increasingly has become the bastion of intolerance, hate and anger toward anyone who doesn’t agree with their interpretation of the world. Governor Robert Bentley, speaking at a Martin Luther King gathering, made clear he is only interested in those of the Christian faith and the rest of those living in the state of Alabama can go to hell. He made clear that Jesus Christ was his savior and anybody “who has not accepted Jesus Christ as his savior, I’m telling you, you’re not my brother, you’re not my sister.” Could anyone imagine Martin Luther King, a minister of God, uttering such hateful words? The problem is that Republicans feel comfortable electing bigots like Bentley. I am certain the governor has no idea how ignorant and bigoted were his words. After all, in his world view, President Obama is a Muslim, Jews killed Christ, and as for those Hindus, they are weird looking people.

Eric Cantor, a leading Republican in the House of Representatives is Jewish. Eric, isn’t it wonderful to be part of a political party that does not regard you as one of their brothers? Hey, how about becoming a Democrat? We welcome those of all faiths as brothers and sisters.