Governor Christie Is No Christ

William Brown is a college student in New Jersey who was concerned about a merger of his college with another. Like many students he was worried about whether the new merger would be supportive of adult learners and their needs. He posed some questions at a meeting with Governor Chris Christie and was told that he was “an idiot.” After the meeting the governor was informed that Mr. Brown was a former member of the SEALs who had served his nation.

Response from Governor Christie: “He acted like an idiot. He’s an idiot. I don’t have any regrets at all.” Mr. Brown was asked to comment. He said: “I didn’t mean to be disrespectful to the governor, and if it came across that way, I apologize.”

Chubby little Chris Christie would never consider serving his nation. His comment is outrageous toward a man who has risked his life for this country.

  • 82jerz

    Before you post you should do some research so your comments can be taken seriously.  Watch the video of the complete town hall exchange with Brown (who unsuccessfully ran as a Dem for Assembly last year, not exactly an unsuspecting non-partisan little lamb) then post.  And you must be a Dem yourself since you all are unable to comment on Christie without a personal comment about his appearance.