Grapes Of Wrath Descend In Italy

During the past decades millions of immigrants from Africa have entered European nations like Italy which initially welcomed the presence of low cost workers needed to handle low income jobs while the nation’s economy was booming. But, alas, Italy is facing an economic recession and the presence of immigrants has now become the subject of alarm. African immigrants in the town of Rosarno experienced the fury of local Italians some of whom decided to take target practice with African immigrants as their targets. This resulted in hundreds of furious Africans pouring into the town, smashing windows and burning cars. Naturally, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, when not involved with a beautiful woman, took time out to denounce immigrants and blamed previous administrations for allowing them to enter beautiful Italy. Interior Minister Roberto Maroni blamed toleration of clandestine immigration “which feeds crime.”d

Perhaps, my knowledge is faulty, but isn’t Italy the home of the Mafia? As far as I know, the Mafia did not originate in Africa, but consists of native born Italians. A year ago, an unknown gunman entered the factory which serves as home for immigrants and killed two people leaving without being bothered by police. During the rioting, an Italian tried running down an immigrant with an earth mover and another Italian attempted to kill a man by driving his car at him.

Step one in dealing with such situations is providing decent housing and work opportunities.
The immigrants came for work, not crime.