Great Black Republican Hope

The Democratic Party came up with a black dude who won two presidential elections so it only makes common sense for Republicans to find some black guy who can capture the black and Hispanic vote. Suddenly, a black cloud appeared in the sky and HE may be the one who will bring victory and happiness to all those who voted for the bland white guy last November. Ben Carson is black, he is a DOCTOR,  he is a surgeon, he works for Johns Hopkins and he is respected in the  medical community. WOW! Now, this man is a real candidate. And, best of all, Ben Carson is loved by the staff at Fox News.

Oh, there are just a few, a few minor problems with Ben Carson. He does have a big mouth and so enjoys being on Fox News to let gays and  lesbians and liberals know they are all a piece of shit. Carson recently told viewers on Fox News that gays and lesbian marriage was akin to bestiality and pedophilia. Marriage to Ben is between a man and a woman. Dr. Carson was expected to give the commencement address at Johns Hopkins but students rose in revolt so he cancelled the gig.

Is there any nice doctor in the house who is black and knows how to talk with young people? It would also be a blessing if he was Jewish.