Great Britain Expands Offshore Wind Power

Great Britain’s business secretary announced that his nation is poised to make a major investment in offshore wind farms. Hundreds of new turbines would generate over 30 megawatts of clean electricity annually— enough to light every home in Britain. John Hutton expressed the vision of a new approach to global warming by stating that given the decline in oil production from North Sea rigs, ‘it’s time we sourced more energy from our other abundant natural resources — sea and wind.” his nation has given a commitment to the European Union that by 2020, at least 20% of energy would come from renewable sources. At present these sources only account for about 2% of Britain’s energy so moving to 20% will require enormous expenditures on the part of the government.

Hutton gave his talk in Germany, a nation whose Chancellor, Angela Merkel, announced a plan to spend $4.9 billion in an effort to move her nation from having 14% of energy come from renewable sources to about 30% by 2020. One can only wonder when an American president is going to assume leadership in the fight to make renewable energy a major factor in this nation’s energy program.

  • mendy

    true words……..get over the president tingy’ every american and corporation can do a move this will really make a difference…..