Great Britain Focus Of Muslim Terrorism In Europe

An analysis by Europol, the European Police Office, has concluded that Great Britain is teh focal point for Islamic terrorism which is reacting against the Iraq war and support for Israel. According t o the report, each day at least one person is arrested in a European country for involvement in terrorist activities. Europol warned that the UK was recognized as fertile ground for radical Islamists weeking recruits to their jihdist campaigns. In many cases, militants are drawn from younger Muslims who were born in Britain, but have turned away from their land of birth to accept a policy of violence.

British sources warn it is “highly likely” their nation wll be the object of terrorism in the near future. The British dilemma is offering asylum to those fearing oppression which increases the likelihood there will be more radical individuals seeking refuge. However, the main problem, as the Europol report notes, is the continued presence of British troops in areas like Iraq. The legacy of Tony Blair has not been a desirable one in terms of terrorism.