Great Britain In Cultural Disintegration

The Tehran Times blasted Great Britain for being a citadel of moral decay that pays scant attention to the needs of Muslim immigrants who endeavor to maintain their religious values in a society hell bent for materialistic gains. “I know Muslims who have gone full circle, thrown themselves into the mad, meaningless existence of this great capitalist society, found themselves drowning in a sea of confusion, and come back to Islam with a renewed sense of understanding… The god that rules British society is money, and people’s lives are centered not upon the worship of the Divine, but upon acquisition of money, the buying of things and entertainment.” The Tehran Times argues Western capitalism transforms the quest for money acquisition as the sole purpose of life which in the end corrupts the human soul.
Information from Tehran Times

It is a common complaint of Muslim leaders in Iran that the West represents materialism while their society exemplifies the importance of ethical behavior. However, the Tehran Times rarely discusses imprisonment of dissidents in Iran, discrimination against its Bahai minority, or treatment of women as second class citizens. Current estimates are that at least 30% of Iran’s population is either unemployed or under-employed, despite the vast wealth accumulating from its oil revenues. The West beckons to Muslims because it offers opportunities for self-fulfillment in democratic societies allowing the individual to make decisions rather than clerics deciding what is good or bad.