Great Britain Warns President Kibaki Of Kenya

Adam Wood, the British High Commissioner in Kenya, warned its government there was a strong possibility President Kibaki’s government would not be recognized due to the blatant violation of democratic procedures in the last election. Kibaki is upset at the debate in England’s House of Commons during which the deputy minister for Foreign and Commonwelath affairs, Ms. Meg Munn, bluntly stated the government’s disappointment with the Kenya election process and would not recognize Kibaki as leader of that country. Kenya’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Moses Wetangula, said “the issue of our eelctions is not a subect to be debated in a foreign parliament.”

Raila Odinga, who most probably won the election, has repeatedly asked for assistance from the world community in order to assist the voice of Kenyans to finally be recognized by President Kibaki. Over 500 Kenyans have died as a result of the stolen election, surely their deaths should not have been in vain. It is encumbent on the part of free people everywhere to come to the aid of the people of Kenya.

  • Dave Lucas

    As the United States paid tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Junior with a holiday, citizens of the African Nation of Kenya are confronted with the same issues of poverty and racism the Civil Rights leader crusaded against during the 1960s— This morning I spoke by phone with Bin, who is in Nairobi. We chatted about what was happening in Kenya:

  • Fred Stopsky

    I am not an expert on Kenya, but merely an observer. Kenya apparently has failed to bring together divergent ethnic groups in order to create a sense that all people are members of the same society. That is what King was endeavoring to do in America– he always emphasized his fight was to unite all Americans because in so doing it would end hatred.