Great Iran Economic Plan

President Ahmadinejad revealed the Great Economic Plan which will create a vibrant modern economy and deal with minor problems which currently plague his nation. Oh, unemployment is over 20% and good jobs that tap into technical skills are hard to find in a society which believes the number one priority is building an atomic weapon. Iranians awoke to learn the price of fuel had gone up about 400% and if someone needs extra gasoline the price will even be higher. The government is cutting subsidies which keep prices on bread and other essentials low enough for those who are struggling to economically survive. Of course, one might wonder why a nation that is blessed with among the five largest oil reserves is facing a crisis in fuel supplies. The answer is simple, instead of cooperating with other nations and creating a modern high tech economy, religious fanatics prefer wrapping themselves in cliches and uttering threats to the world.

If there were honest elections in Iran, Mr. Ahmaindejad would involved in another line of work. Unfortunately, the people of Iran struggle to survive in a land that could be wealthy. Of course to do so means the end of atomic weapons. So, which is more important, nuclear weapons or a decent standard of living for Iranians?