Great Issue Of Humankind

There are many great issues confronting American society and just provide Republicans in Congress an opportunity and they will focus on the most important issue which must be handled by this nation. What is this great issue? Should chaplains in the Armed forces be allowed to handle gay marriages? This is a critical issue. The Republican House of  Representative majority pushed through a bill which prohibits any chaplain from performing a gay marriage. In the Senate, Republican Senator Wicker proposed allowing chaplains to make the decision whether to officiate or not perform such a marriage.

I realize most Americans worry about minor issues such as having a job or being able to pay the mortgage, but they have to cease worrying about such minor issues and get focused on gay marriages in the military. If we allow such events, can this nation continue to exist? If we allow chaplains to make the decision whether to perfrom such a marriage, can we trust them to make the right decision?