Great Issues Series In Israel

We suspect when rabbis in Israel are not studying the Torah for new evidence to support stealing land from Palestinians or destroying their crops, they wonder how the average Israel can be pestered with their silly ideas. Tel Aviv Chief Rabbi, Yisrael Lau is very disappointed because buses are running on  Saturday. He is filled with a deep “pain” over the news people are on buses and riding around rather than sitting in a shul and praying. “This is a severe blow to the holiness of he Shabbat.”

I assume the Rabbi believes Jews in 2012 should honor the traditions of those who lived a few thousand years ago. I hate to tell the rabbi, but they did not use phones or the Internet or ride on anything other than a donkey. I have a hunch if Jews thousands of years ago could ride a bus, they would jump at the chance, Saturday, Sunday, you name it.

P.S. They didn’t have hospitals and modern drugs. I assume devout Rabbis will not use modern drugs.

Honestly, rabbi, God does not sit around worrying about who rides on a bus. He is more interested in who goes to shul on Saturday with love and kindness and joy in being a decent human being. That is why Jews go to the synagogue. And, who cares how they got there. The important thing is PRAYING and PRACTICING the essential qualities of being a mensch.