Great Leader Leads Sham Missiles

The Great Leader will shortly inform the people of North Korea about his new weapon of mass destruction which when unleashed will reduce South Korea to ashes. OK, so some experts in Germany at Schumucker Technology claim there are no operational missiles in North Korea and what has been shown to the public is simply a sham. But, do they know what lurks in the mind of Kim Jong Un, the Supreme Leader not only of North Korea but of the world! Yes, these so-called experts claim North Korean missiles are a mishmash of liquid and solid fuel  components that could not function together. In fact, the launch  pads don’t even fit the missiles.

BUT, the Supreme Leader delibarately displayed this mishmash in order to confuse the world. OK, so the missile displayed was too thin to fly, OK, so the missile never got further than a few feet into the sky. IT IS PART OF THE PLAN OF THE GREAT LEADER!

Beware world, the Great Supreme Leader has  a few other surprises that will reduce the entire world to ashes–except for the wonderful land of North Korea, that is.