Harold Camping, who predicted the end of the world would occur last weekend, is happy to inform we Earthians that God was joshing with us a few days ago when He pulled an Invisible Act in order to get us warmed up for the real event. According to Camping, the REAL RAPTURE when those of us who are selected to ascend to Heaven, will take place on October 21, 2011. Camping did not realize that God is a stand up comic in Heaven and enjoys playing practical jokes on those here on Earth. Harold admitted, “I am not a genius, I can apologize.” Of course, he can not prevent that on October 21 “the whole world will be destroyed.”

Perhaps, the good news is that Republicans finally have a presidential candidate. Harold Camping has a plan to end our deficits, of course, it does mean we will be off in another part of the universe, but Fox News, Sarah Mitt, Mike, Mitch, and Newt can be happy there will be no need to run under the Paul Ryan banner of ending Medicare. If Republicans accept Harold as their man of the hour, he will guarantee there will never be another deficit under his administration and the good guys and gals will get to Heaven.

P.S. At least Harold Camping would be the first Republican candidate who admits, “I made a mistake.”