Great News! Someone Else Is Spying!

I was gettng discouraged at the daily revelations that America was listening into conversations of foreign leaders since it made the United States of America sort of come across as the only place where people are eaves drop on other folk. But, good news from Australia, the Indonesian government has recalled its ambassador to that nation because it turns out that Australian spies have been listening in to conversations made by President Yudhoyono. Frankly, I confess to never even read anything said by this man, but I guess Yudhoyono is a mighty intelligent guy whose conversations reveal where al-Qaeda militants or the Hezbollah are planning the next bombing. How he knows this is beyond the scope of my knowledge. But, it Australian spy fold listen in, then the man from Jakarta must know something.

Ah, I guess the good news is that American spies are listening in to Australian spies so our president must know what the president of Indonesia thinks and believes. Of course, the real question is who is listening into the Americans?