Great Recession, 2010– Hurry Up And Wait!

There is a world wide recession and one would assume it would stimulate creative thinking and quick action in order to respond to the needs of those without work, and even hope. A group of unemployed Danish workers who are compelled to spend the day at an unemployment center soon discovered that while they were compelled to access a computer and search for possible jobs, there were only ten computers in the center which was inadequate to serve the need of over a hundred unemployed people. As one man commented, “there’s only ten computers so if you don’t get a computer first thing in the morning, you may risk sitting around all day chatting and drinking coffee.

I can verify the same thing happened to me while temporarily out of work in the St. Louis area. There is a single center to handle all the unemployed in the St. Louis area!! There are about five phones for those seeking to discuss their situation with a human, and most people spend the day waiting for access to the phone. If you eventually get a phone, it then requires about an hour before contact can be made with someone on planet Earth. I eventually gave up and so no unemployment for me.

Oh, I contacted my state representative and state senator and was told to go to the unemployment center. I did.