Greed Takes A European Holiday

Finally, finally, the Republican party has evidence that “Europeans” are secret haters of those with money. In Brussels, the European Union imposed a cap on bonuses paid to top executives in the corporate world in order to protect the rights of shareholders whose money is being stolen by corporate executives. In Switzerland, voters passed new laws which cap corporate executive pay and gives shareholders the right to veto what those in charge want to pay themselves. There is growing feeling that those who own stocks are in hock to those who run companies.

The US stock market just reached its highest level in history. Corporations are increasingly wealth with swollen profits. As this process continues, it is accompanied by the decline of the middle class. Republicans oppose raising the minimum wage to $9.50 because it would force  corporate executives to only be left with a miserable $10,000,000 in salary instead of $10,100,000. Oh my God! How can they make it through the day?