Greenland Melting Faster And Faster

A new study by the journal, Nature Geoscience, challenges conventional wisdom by claiming one of the world’s largest masses of ice could melt at a much faster rate than what experts predict. “We’re showing,” said Anders Carlson, “that the geologic record shows that in the past, ice sheets have melted much faster than we’re predicting at the end of this century. It could be more than double what is suggested.” Faron Anslow, a glaciologist at UBC in Vancouver, says that sunlight is enough to melt the ice sheet away very rapidly.”Carlson points out if the Greenland sheet completely disappeared it would raise sea levels by seven metres which would threaten the lives of millions of people.

The United States really doesn’t have to worry about faddish beliefs such as global warming because the Vice Presidential candidate on the Republican ticket, Sarah Palin, has given assurances global warming is simply one of those liberal scare tactics. Of course, she has credentials in predicting what is going to happen, she is a proud member of the NRA and we know they understand guns are the best protection against crime.