Greenlanders–We’re For Global Warming!

In most parts of the world, the threat of global warming is viewed in distressing terms, but to the people of Greenland, it may well bring a new surge of prosperity. Climate changes and melting ice enable farmers and fishermen to engage in agricultural activities that previously have been closed. Vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, potatoes and strawberries may shortly become Greenland staples that are even shipped to all corners of the world. Bent Olesen has even built a greenhouse where he intends to grow lettuce, tomatoes, and even bananas. The government expects within the coming years that Greenlanders will be able to raise cattle and pigs.

Ironically, global warming does have benefits to people throughout the world. At present, people in Greenland must import fruits and vegetables, but their children undoubtedly will be raising those products– and even exporting them. Unfortunately, as the economy of Greenland benefits, other areas of the world like North Africa may well be suffering under drought conditions.