Greenpeace In The Arctic

A Danish warship confronted a Greenpeace ship which is on a mission to protect the environment against drilling for oil in places that we should not be drilling for oil. The incident occurred off the coast of Greenland when the protest ship, Esperanza, challenged a British company that was engaged in drilling for oil. After the experience of BP doing its bit to pollute the Gulf of Mexico for years to come, there is some concern about oil companies wandering around the world seeking interesting places they can pollute with oil and other ways of making planet Earth a harmful experience for one and all. The Danish government sent a warship to protect drilling sites against the hordes of peaceniks seeking to end drilling, baby, drilling sites. A Greenpeace activist, Leila Deen, in the wilds of the Arctic could only report: “To see a huge drilling rig in this beautiful and fragile environment is deeply shocking.”

During World War II the world confronted the barbarism of Nazi, Germany. Today, the new barbarism is not out to establish death camps, it simply just wants to pollute the whole damn world and kill us off slowly, but surely.