It is now universally agreed that our government is hopelessly incapable of passing any intelligent form of legislation. AS of this date about 22 laws have actually been passed through both houses of Congress. Of course, this is not to claim our Congress is not working hard. The House of Representatives have passed forty bills that end the tyranny of the Affordable Care Act, but those radical communists who control the Senate refuse to stand up for America and make certain people will die due to lack of medical care. The more people who die, the lower costs for the Food Stamps and other such laws that encourage laziness.

I propose that for 12 months the Democratic party allow Republicans to pass any law they so desire. After completion of the 12 months, Democrats are given an opportunity to pass the laws they desire. We end the Gridlock, we have dozens of laws passed and repealed and passed and so on and on.

Or, we can have all members of Congress resign from office. In their home districts and states, an impartial person walks down a street, points at a person and that individual becomes a member of the House of Representatives or the Senate. How much worse can it be?