Grman Neo-Nazis March In Czech Republic

German neo-Nazis will join their Czech counterparts on a march through Pizen on January 19. The Czech neo-Nazis claim the march is one in their fight for freedom of speech, the Germans are calling it an anti-Jewish demonstration. Czech authorities will not oppose the march of these groups since it is their right to march for whatever fool reason they so desire. January 18, 1942 is the date when the first transport of 3,000 Jews left Peizen for Terezin death camp. Only 200 of them survived the brutality of the death camp. Jewish groups in Pizen will hold a memorial service and simply ignore the idiots marching through their streets. Most probably, ignoring them is the worse thing one can do for those who seek only to further the cause of hatred and persecution. One of the fools in the German neo-Nazi group insisted their march would “put the rabbis on the run.”

What can one say when a half century after the end of incredible human brutality some fools in the Czech Republic are marching together with the descendants of Nazis who killed thousands of their Czech ancestors. Have they even read anything about what happened in Czechoslovakia during the German occupation in World War II?