Grosse Point Gross

Growing up in America during the first half of the 20th century one heard stories about the wealth and power of Grosse Point outside the city of Detroit. It allegedly was the place where those who ran Ford and other power companies decided to spend their evenings with family. A nice white Christian enclave in which those with did not have to associate with those without, particularly those smelly pushy Jews. The years have passed, but not the people of this nice white community. Police recently arrested some black men, most probably their crime was to set foot in a white bastion. The men were made to dance like chimps and their antics were recorded to play for the kids at home. A photo was also displayed with black skinned men in a car with the caption: “Got to love the coloreds.”

The Grosse Point police department denies there is any racism in their white town. Heck, they even allow Jews to live in this nice Christian community.