Grouch Is Now Grouchy

Mitt Romney was criticized for expressing a desire to close down Sesame Street and the damned Liberals decried his remarks as insensitive to needs of children. Well, once again, Mitt is proving that his ideas to save America were the correct ones. After all, billions could have been saved if, instead of health insurance, we simply let those folks die. Anyway, it now appears that Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash has been fooling around with kids. He resigned his gig as Elmo because Cecil Singleton, age 15, claims she was persuaded by Elmo to have sexual  encounters. Of course, it is still unclear to me if it was Elmo doing the sex or was it Kevin?

To make matters worse, a man charges that Clash had a relationship with him when he was only 16. After 28 years of the high pitched voice of Elmo, we are left with the sounds of silence.

Anyway, President Obama should apologize to Mitt Romney.