Growing Skepticism In Germany Over EU Future

The decision of Polish President Lech Kaczynski to refuse signing the Treaty of Lisbon agreement even though his own parliament has voted for it, typifies the new skepticism which is growing in many parts of Europe. The Polish president argues adding his signature is “pointless” in light of Ireland’s refusal to go along with the treaty. European leaders have been urging the other members to ratify the Lisbon Treaty and then find a way to get around the Irish “no” vote. The financial Times Deutschland, comments, “Encouraged by the Irish vote, euroskeptics are cropping up everywhere.” Th Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
notes: The methods of achieving European integration have bee successful for 50 years, but they have become worn out.

It increasingly appears European leaders are faced with the choice of changing methods or trying to change its citizens. Of course, there are many alternative ways to deal with the current impasse. One might be to reconstitute the European Union with those members who are willing to accept an organization that no longer adheres to every member agreeing for change and moves to a more sensible approach requiring a two-thirds or three-fourths vote for changes.