Guantanamo 2?

President George Bush created a major problem for the United States of America when he invaded Afghanistan without any plans as to what would happen once the Taliban was driven from power. Of course, he did the same thing in Iraq. Thousands of members of the Taliban were captured and no one had a single clue as to what should be done with prisoners of war. A prison was established at Bagram airport, and, believe it or not, the prison still exists with 67 prisoners! So, what to do with these men when US troops depart from Afghanistan? In theory, since the base has been transferred to Afghan authorities so go the prisoners. Or, do they?

Some have been cleared by informal military panels but, in the confusion of our “war against terrorism” no one knows if being cleared by the military means you are clear to go home. So, 67 men sit and wonder. How did the United States of America create a problem and have no idea how to solve the problem?