Guantanamo -Always With Us

As I recall during his campaign for the presidency a man named Barack Obama promised that upon election he would close the infamous prison known as Guantanamo Bay and either place prisoners on trial or send them back home. Alas, that was then, and today the prison is still open and its inhabitants are involved in hunger strikes. For some strange reason prisoners want to be placed on trial and finally discover what exactly is the crime they  are charged with committing. Prison authorities have engaged in force feeding and other such abuses in order to end the hunger strikes.

Prisoners have written an open letter the their military doctors insisting they receive independent, non-military medical treatment. They raise to doctors the issue as to whether a medical professional can force feed a person who is demanding a trial. As the letter notes: “you will have to live  with what you have done and not done here at Guantanamo.”