Guantanamo Detainee Files Disappear

Omar Khadr, a Canadian citizen, has been on trial at Guantanamo Bay prison, durng which time his lawyer, Lt. Cmdr. Bill Kuebler, has encountered numerous problems trying to put up a defense. The latest episode deals with a box of evidence he gave Omar in March to help him prepare for the trial. Kahdr was not allowd to keep the material in his cell but was able to ask the guards to bring the box to him so he coul read the documents. When he asked for the material yesterday, the guards brought him an empty box. A spokesperson for the Guanatanamo’s Joint task Force said there would be no comment about this incident.

Omar Khadr was fifteen when orignally captured and placed in Guanatanmo prison and is now one of 15 detainees charged with war crimes. At the upcoming hearing, his lawyers will ask Army Col. Peter Brownback, the military judge, to order return of the material.

Under the Bush administration conception of law and order, the prosecution can do the ordering and the defense must do the complying. Where in American law is a lawyer’s evidence placed in the hands of the prosecution and later denied him?