Guantanamo Forever!

After the end of World War II, trials were held for those who led the Nazi government as well as for generals. Many were found guilty, some were executed and others placed in jail. Of course these criminals had murdered over 30 million people as well as raped millions and destroyed vast areas of land. In theory, those who fought against US forces in Afghanistan were supposedly to be either placed in prison and put on trial or….. At this point, it is unclear what the “or” was. Over a hundred prisoners are still in Guantanamo and there are no trials, no  charges brought against anyone, just endless hours and days of jail time. I imagine this group was responsible for, not millions, but hundreds of deaths.

Over 100 prisoners are on hunger strikes, at least 21 are being forced fed. The horror that is Guantanamo goes on and on. President Obama would like to close the prison, but, like always, he lacks the guts to do anything requiring moral courage.

Fact: Nearly all the 166 prisoners have been held without any charges filed agaisnt them. If they are guilty, place them on trial, if not, do the morally correct act-set them free.