Guantanamo Interrogators Destroyed Evidence

American interrogators of terrorist suspects were instructed to destroy handwritten notes they were taking which might have exposed harsh or even illegal questioning methods being used at Guantanamo prison. Navy Lieutenant Commander Bill Kuebler, who has been waging gallant effort to protect the rights of his client, Omar Khadr, told reporters he considers the notes crucial to the fence of Khadr. He obtained from prosecutors last week a copy of the directive about evidence. According to Keubler, “if handwritten notes were destroyed in accordance with the SOP(standard operating procedures), the government intentionally deprived Omar’s lawyers of key evidence with which to challenge the reliability” of alleged confessions. He noted one passage in the SOP which states, “this mission has legal and political issues that may lead to interrogators being called to testify.”

Ordinarily, the object is providing the defense with all available documents pertinent to the case at hand, but in Bushland, the purpose of a trial is to ensure the prosecutor wins so why provide the defense attorney all available evidence.