Guantanamo Prison Must End!

TWELVE YEAR HAVE PASSED since the end of the war in Afghanistan and TEN since the supposed conclusion in Iraq, but men who were seized, captured or whatever word is desired during these conflicts are still in this institution of horror. According to the Geneva Conventions prisoners of war must be returned to their origin. There is problems when prisoners were not members of an official army, but there is no procedure that can be justified which retains these men in limbo for over a dozen years. Some men have left Guantanamo, but others remain. They have gone on a hunger strike. Islamist clerics are horrified the prisoners would be force-fed during the holy days of Ramadan when Muslims fast during the day.

Hopefully, a federal court will shortly rule on whether the religious rights of prisoners can be violated by the government. The right thing to do is to  place these men on trial before a civilian court and adhere to the Constitution which requires a fair and speedy trial. How quaint to have such ideas.