Guantanamo Prison Wonderful Place Say Ex Prisoners

George Bush insists the United States does not use torture, and if the president, who is noted as a defender of human rights, says no torture exists one can be certain it does. Two Algerians recently released from the resort town in Guantanamo told reporters from El Khabar, they had no complaints about treatment in the prison where no torture exists. Abdurrahman Hoari said: “I got two things to say, and I want you writing id down on our newspaper. First of all, we had been well treated there(Guantanamo prison).” He insisted legal procedures were respected in the prison. According to the El Khabar reporters, “his way of talking reflects that he suffers from psychological disturbances” and well informed sources told the newspaper both men have serious mental problems as a result of being imprisoned and subjected to interrogations.

The mechanical manner in which Hourari spoke to reporters suggests he was ordered to make the statements and after years of interrogation and prison life, he undoubtedly is unable to speak coherently about his experiences. The treatment of prisoners in that notorious prison will not be completely understood until some future administration assumes power and orders a complete investigation.