Guess Who Was An Israeli Agent?

Mosab Yousef has just written a memoir entitled, “Son Of Hamas” in which the son of a founder of Hamas admits to having been an agent of Israel for many years. He claims to have provided information to Israel of potential suicide raids that enable security forces to prevent the occurrences from ever taking place. His own Facebook page plugs the book as a gripping account of terror, betrayal, political intrigue and difficult choices. His father, Sheikh Hassan, was a founder of Hamas in the 1980s and apparently is shocked at revelations of his son. The Sheikh claims Mosab is being blackmailed by Mossad for some type of indiscretion and thus is trying to sell this false tale of duplicity.

However, Mosab Yousef, told the Israel newspaper, Haaretz that he was a key Israel intelligence agent in the Gaza Strip and is reports to Mossad led to the arrest of key leaders of Hamas. His father is currently serving a prison term in Israel. Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of Hamas leaders. Perhaps, the entire operation is simply a front for Israel intelligence?