Guilty If We Say You Are Guilty

Democrats and Republicans devote their days engaged in great debates as to which group is the most concerned about terrorism. Both groups do agree that bad Muslims should not be allowed to fly on American planes. Heck, if they want to go to Europe, one not buy a sail boat and start rowing? A group of 13 AMERICANS was informed they were on the “No Fly” list which is created by the government. When they inquired as to why they were on the list, NATIONAL SECURITY prevented the release of this information. Of course, NATIONAL SECURITY is not a person, at least I do not think so. But, when NATIONAL SECURITY says something, it must be right. Anyway, the thirteen sued in federal court for the right to know why they were on the list?

Federal Judge Anna Brown ruled in their favor. She has this strange idea that branding people as criminals, and then refusing to inform them as to the reasons, violates the Constitution of the United States of America. Judge Brown wants the government to come up with a process which allows those branded in this manner to have recourse to knowing why.

Oh, all are American citizens. Oh,four are veterans of the United States Armed forces!!

We will tell you to fight for America, but we will not tell you why you are denied a plane ride!