Gulf Belongs To Us, Says Iran

The world is focuing today on the death of Osama bin Laden or the yesterday’s attack on the compound of Muammar Gaddafi, but within days or months, it might have to shift concern to the Arabian Gulf. An Iranian military officer denounced what he termed to be “Arab dictatorial front” and insisted the Gulf beonged to his nation. “The Arab dictatorial regimes in the Persian Gulf are unable to contain the popular uprisings. Instead of trying and failing to open an unworkable front against Iran, these dictators should relinquish power, end their savage crimes and let the people determine their own future.”

Fair enough, General Hassan Firouzabadi, fair enough. You are right about dictatorial regimes that refuse to allow the people a voice in government. You are right to cite these “dictators,” as the enemy. Now, how about applying this reasoning to the nation of Iran whose petty dictator, President Ahmadinejad beats, rapes and kills those who oppose him? It is unfortunate that Iran’sl leaders are not in the forefront of ending dictatorial regimes– guess which one should be their first target??