Gun Days And Nights In Georgia

There was a moment about half a century ago when President Kennedy was murdered that most Americans, including members of Congress, seriously examined issues of guns and the death penalty. Even today, most polls reveal the majority of Americans do NOT have a gun, do not want a gun, but for some strange reason support weapons! Crime rates have gone down to the lowest level in half a century, but most people have this crazy idea that danger lurks around the corner and therefore, one must have the right to carry arms. Of course, when they say, “arms, it does not refer to the human anatomy. The state of Georgia just passed a new gun bill that is hailed by the National Rifle Association as a model for America.

The Safe Carry Protection Right allows anyone to carry a gun into a church, school, bars, and even into government buildings. In other words, if someone wants to free their buddy who is on trial nothing prevents him from loading up with guns, enter the courtroom, and liberate his friend from the evil hands of “the government!’ I guess some Christians have long since forgotten what the Sermon on the Mount says so they want a gun in case the long haired radical Jesus appears in “their church.”

Sometimes, I feel lost in a land of crazy people. Do you??