Gun Deaths Sound Silent Among Gun Lovers

Once again, the American people are enduring pain  emanating from some lunatic murdering innocent people with his automatic assault weapon. Once again, the NRA will issue their mandatory statement that  “people, not guns, kill people.” Once again, those who believe our Founding Fathers agreed that automatic assault weapons in the hands of children was OK, will demand their Constitutional rights. Once again, our president will express his sorrow and urge that SOMETHING be done, exactly what the SOMETHING is, will go unstated.

Once again, gun fanatics will rush to the forest and play with their toys because they must be prepared when dark clothed American soldiers descend from the sky to take away their beloved guns. One can  only wonder if these people lavish as  much love and affection on their children as they do for their gun kids.

I just reread the Sermon On The Mount by that noted Communist, Jesus Christ. He definitely says a “well regulated militia” means fifteen year old kids can possess automatic weapons. Just read this document!