Gun Fanatics In NRA

The National Rifle Association has never been a center of calm, intelligent reflection, but in recent years the inmates of the asylum have taken over the building. Until 1977, the 100 year old NRA was bipartisan and focused on issues such as hunting or conservation or working with Boy Scouts to further their shooting ability. But, at the 1977 convention a group of orange hunting cap rebels took over and moved the organization in the direction of hate and anger toward anyone who dared oppose their views regarding use of guns. The rebels regarded NRA leaders as lacking the fighting spirit to fight for guns, guns, guns.

The rebels, in effect, created a new culture of guns. From a sports centered organization to a gun toting institution which disregarded the meaning of how weapons fit into American society is the tale of nut cases emerging to power. The new NRA is more akin to an  organization which lacks interest in to safety to one which seeks only danger and hate.