Gun Fight At Khasrawi Compund

American forces conducted a raid on the Khasrawi compound in Afghanistan. They received a top from village elders that insurgents were in that compound. The only aspect of this raid that all agree occurred was that troops entered the compound which contained four families of the Khosrawi clan. According to a cousin, “even, if it is a criminal, is it really necessary to charge into a man’s house in the middle of the night when he is there with his children?” He claims US troops kicked open doors, rounded up children and detained three family members. President Karzai is furious at these continued night attacks which all too often make mistakes and create anger among civilians. American military officials claim it was a normal raid based on information supplied by local village elders. They admit within three days, two of the three were released and the remaining “insurgent” is a thirteen year old boy.

We can expect as more and more US soldiers depart Afghanistan, there will be more and more such raids and more and more Afghans will become upset. Night raids are more likely to result in mistakes, but night raids entail fewer casualties. So, what to do?