Gun Kooks Foster Nutty Regulations

In law, anyone “adjudicated as a mental defective” such as people found in danger to themselves or others or who lack the mental capacity to manage their affairs must be added to the federal database used to do instant background checks for gun purchases. A new bill, S 669, would prohibit the Veterans Administration for submitting names to the National Instant Criminal Background check database unless judicial authority finds the individuals to be a danger to themselves or others. The VA has been turning over the names of veterans who have had someone else appointed to handle their financial affairs. Some veteran groups fear a veteran might lose his right to have a gun due to being identified as having post traumatic stress.

The insanity of this bill illustrates why those who believe in guns can not be trusted with the lives of other humans. An individual with PTS is in danger to self. Certainly, until the individual has received treatment it is best to remain on the side of caution rather than encourage the person to have weapons in his possession. VA doctors are treating these cases and certainly the judgment of doctors, at least in the immediate moment, should be valued.