Gun Nuts Are Nuts About Guns

Some people enjoy grabbing a gun, heading out to the forest, spotting a wild ferocious beast like a squirrel and blasting away in order to prove to the world they can kill any unarmed animal of the forest. On the other hand there are people like Daniel Almond who believe wandering around the streets with loaded weapons is their “constitutional right” and regard anyone who says the opposite to be a SOCIALIST LIBERAL! He organized a “Restore The Constitution” rally in a spot where loaded guns are legal in order to demonstrate how “those people” in Congress seek to take away his rights to kill squirrels. Among the speakers at this rally in support of the Constitution was white racist Mike Vanderboegh who urged followers to throw bricks through the windows of the local Democratic Party. As we all know, George Washington wanted Americans to throw bricks at anyone who opposed their ideas. l

According to head nut case, Vanderboegh armed resistance is justified “when they send people to our doors to kill us.” His logic is exemplified by: “If I know that I’m not going to get a fair trial in federal court…. I at least have the right to an unfair gunfight.” Spoken like a man who has never read the Constitution. These are sick humans who lack any knowledge of American history or the thinking of those who wrote the Constitution. Can anyone imagine George Washington, Alexander Hamilton or James Madison making such statements?