Gunfight At OK Corral!

Delma Towler was an 89 year old lady who lived alone. Someone in her family decided that an elderly women needed a gun in order to protect herself since she was living alone. Someone attempted to break into her house so Delma fired a weapon out the window and then dialed 911 seeking police protection. Alas, for the old lady, this is America in the year 2012 when everyone is expected to have a weapon and everyone is expected to defend themselves–particularly members of the police force.

The cops arrived on the scene of what they regarded as a shoot out. They saw an elderly woman walking with a gun in their hand. The police shouted for her to drop the gun but she continued walking. What else could the police do but gun down the old lady who was walking with a gun. Delma Towler died.

As an 82 year old man let me inform members of the police that as one grows older hearing declines. Did they really think an elderly woman, gun or no gun, was a threat to them? Did they really think some old woman could even shoot straight? I forgot, this is America in the year 2012 where everyone has a gun and everyone has the capability to kill.

Anyway, we can all sleep peacefully since the desperado is now dead!